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Experiences and Learnings

I have studied and learned a lot – the pile of diplomas and certificates has grown to a respectable size.

What characterizes my current work in the field of organizational consulting, supervision and coaching most strongly is, on the one hand, my longstanding occupation with the Integrative Method according to Petzold/Orth, which provides a scientific and humanistic framework for therapy, consulting and supervision. On the other hand, it is the innumerable experiences of the past years, which, reflected and worked on, contribute to an ongoing learning process and give me a solid basis.


  • Management, co-leadership, collaboration in projects in the fields of vocational training, development of clinical offers, international cooperation (training, regulations)

  • Turntable function between employees and superior position/management: voice and mediator in both directions

  • Overall management of a Swiss professional association (SFV), strategic, financial and operational responsibility

  • Technical and content-related planning of symposia and conferences

  • Management and development of the SFV board and office team

  • Assessment and accreditation (international) of curricula and trainers, co-chair of the European
    Training and Accreditation Board.

  • 13 years of movement therapy work in acute stationary psychiatry

  • Development of clinical-movement-diagnostic group programs

  • 17 years free practice as complementary therapist

  • Various lectures, symposia and professional articles on the subject of body/movement therapy

  • 20 years as a freelance musician in the fields of Jazz/Acoustic Pop/Independent.

  • Tour and recording projects as bandleader, main composer and sidemusician

  • 20 years of teaching and lecturing in the field of music (teaching position at the Bern Conservatory and independently) and in the training and further education of body and art therapists.


  • Leadership without line function

  • Establishing a solid, sustainable relationship with clients, employees etc.

  • Listening, arranging, structuring

  • Balancing operational, content and cultural aspects

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Leadership, development, innovation in the cooperation with different interfaces and stakeholders: commissions, offices, umbrella organisation

  • Restructuring of organizations and processes

  • understanding of international and intercultural work contexts

  • Working with Virtual Teams

  • Openness for other life concepts and value systems

  • Resource orientation, confidence that change can succeed.

  • Establishment, management and consolidation of a small business company

  • Putting thoughts and expertise on paper, presenting it  to an audience in a structured and orderly manner

  • Deepen into a topic and create consistent training offers

  • Constant level changes: between basic and meta level, between employee and management level

  • Being able to access creativity, agility 

  • Perceiving what groups can do, need, wish for

  • Being able to respond quickly to current situations

  • Creating a safe and pleasant environment for learning, change and development

  • Think and act out of the box

  • Reacting spontaneously and meaningfully to the unexpected

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