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I'm good at getting in crosswise, quickly grasping the situation and then initiating and accompanying developments. To do this, I bring a few things with me that are not usual:

  • I am a synaesthete. This means that my brain connects more things than is usual. In my case, space, time, numbers, sounds, colours and textures connect with each other. This is sometimes annoying, sometimes useful. In a consulting context, it allows me to see complex relationships quickly, to grasp social dynamics quickly, to think out of the box and to develop creative ideas.


  • I have reinvented myself professionally several times, so I have a lot of personal experience with change and development processes and transitions to sometimes completely new fields.


  • I worked as a jazz musician for 15 years. During this time I learned a lot about interaction, agility, real-time creativity, group dynamics, a productive relationship between structure and degrees of freedom, presence and artistic substance.


  • As a trained movement therapist, I have learned to systematically incorporate non-verbal media into my work. Creative media open up access to implicit knowledge, and this is often where the crucial information is found.


  • In 15 years of clinical experience in inpatient and outpatient settings, I have come to know a breadth and depth of human experience that cannot be seen outside of this framework. "Normal" is a matter of definition and I have learned that there are countless valid truths and (work) life plans. With this openness I do not quickly reach my limits when working with people.


  • I like stories and I find it incredibly exciting to get to know people and organisations in their uniqueness. I am the opposite of ambiguous and squiggly: I like to be transparent, straightforward and clear.

Let's get into conversation and then we'll get to work – and we're welcome to make it fun, too.

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