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What matters

The focus of my work is the human being, embedded in his individual context and in the continuum of life. I represent a fundamentally humanistic attitude: appreciative, benevolent, trusting in resources and resilience.

I attach great importance to interpersonal relationships as the most important factor in change processes: if the "chemistry" is right, then the basis is right. Building on this, I design my work in a process-, resource- and solution-oriented manner, taking into account current research and development.

Respect and esteem for the "otherness of the other", an open, alert interest in people, the willingness to tread unknown paths are basic requirements for remaining flexible and agile. Agility and curiosity on solid grounding make innovation possible.

Transparency, openness and authenticity are important to me. I see commitment and flexibility not as a contradiction but as a complement.

Humour creates a distance to the "seriousness of life" and brings lightness even in very serious topics – it's allowed to be funny, and sometimes it might be a little more like the Animal than like Sam the Eagle...

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